New Products You’ll Love! – Part 1: Dog Collars for After Dark

dog walking at night with collar

As hard as it is to believe, summer is waning and nighttime is getting earlier—which means your dog will be outside at dusk or after dark. You want to be sure your beloved canine family member is easily seen even when lights are low, so we’ve foraged to find some of the best options available. Our top picks are both by Coastal Pet Products.

USB Light-Up Neck Ring: Who says your dog can’t party after dark? These snap-on, customizable collars light up the night with 360-degree illumination for maximum visibility. A simple power button on these waterproof collars lets you choose the brightness and type of light (continuous or strobing). Easily recharged with the USB charger included, these nighttime collars come in orange or blue. (See customer photos.)

Pro Reflective Adjustable Dog Collar: Modern style with built-in comfort, these highly reflective collars improve safety and visibility, especially during low-light play hours or that final walk before bedtime. With lots of colors and size options to make sure your highly visible dog always looks fresh.