YouTube Caring for Bluebird Houses

Caring for Bluebird Houses – Video

Caring for Bluebird Houses - Video
Attracting orioles

5 Time Tested Strategies for Attracting Orioles

Orioles have striking orange or yellow and black plumage which makes them fairly easy to identify. In Missouri, now is the time to start looking out for these seasonal visitors with their gentle birdsong. Last year, we had many customers tell…
Hummingbirds in flight

Attracting Hummingbirds

Want to Host Some Hummingbirds, hmmm …? It's about that time when hummingbirds will be returning from their winter stay in Mexico and Central America (lucky them!) In this post, we will advise you on ways to make your yard their first choice…
Carolina Wrens and Eastern Bluebirds

Attracting Bluebirds and Wrens

In our last post, Watch Out for Birds! we identified some birds common to Missouri, so now we can focus on how to attract them. Not all birds utilize birdhouses, so we will focus on a couple that do: Bluebirds and Wrens. Bluebirds Bluebirds…
Birdwatching in Missouri

Watch Out for Birds! Popular Birdwatching in Missouri

There are over 900 different species of birds in North America and more than 400 varieties of species we can find when birdwatching in Missouri. During the coming weeks, we will give tips on how to attract various kinds of birds, what they like…
Red squirrels eating on feeder

How to Keep Squirrels and other Critters Away from Your Bird Feeders

Stopping Skillful Squirrels If you have trouble with squirrels eating from your bird feeders, there are a few ways to deal with them. Some bird feeders and accessories are designed with this in mind. The Squirrel Be Gone Wild Bird Feeder has…
Attracting wild birds in winter

3 Tips for Attracting Wild Birds

So, you bought a bird feeder, filled it with seeds, sat back to enjoy watching the birds, and then … nothing. "Where are the birds? Why aren't they coming to my feeders?" In this article, we'll provide you with some tips for attracting wild…
Winter Finches

3 Great Tips to Care for Winter Finches

Finches are entertaining to watch with vibrant, beautiful feathers. In the winter, however, goldfinches become a dull green or gray, making them more difficult to spot. With the right combination of wild bird food, water, and shelter, you’ll…