Horses protected by Equi Spot

Protect Your Horse from Ticks, Mosquitos, and more with Equi-Spot

If you are looking for a topical solution to protect your horse from dangerous ticks, mosquitos, and other insects, Pleasant Hill Pet & Livestock suggests you use Equi-Spot by Farnam. Each easy-to-apply treatment will last for up to…
Flea and tick control with cute dog after bath

Flies and Fleas and Ticks, Oh My!

Summer is back and so are the insects! These creepy crawlers can be very annoying not only to us, but to our pets as well. Left untreated, these problematic parasites can cause serious health issues. For the next several weeks, we'll be posting…
Mother goat and kid

Are You Goat Kidding? Lambing? 4 Factors to Consider

Baby lambs and goat kids are undeniably cute and fun to watch, but goat kidding or lambing is also a serious responsibility. If you have a pregnant doe or ewe, or you are thinking of getting baby goats or lambs to start your herd or flock, we…
A girl nursing baby animals with milk replacer

3 Priorities for Nursing Baby Animals

Baby Animals Are Here! Keep reading to learn about nursing baby animals and milk replacers. You have prepared for your furry babies and the time has come for their arrival. Most of the time, a mother animal can take care of her own babies.…