Now is the Time to Get Ready for Healthy Baby Animals

baby animials chicks with children

Spring is traditionally the season for rebirth—new flowers, trees, and baby animals! This includes calves, kids, lambs, chicks, puppies, and kittens, just to name a few. Before they arrive, however, there are some things that you should do to prepare.

Are you new to caring for your baby animals?

Baby animals require work and tender loving care, and taking on the responsibility of their nurturing and development should not be entered into flippantly. During times of quarantine, many people decided to take on the care of gardens, pets, or livestock without having any prior experience in these areas. An unattended plant may not have as devastating results as that of a feathered or furry creature. That is why we believe it is so vitally important for you to equip yourselves with the knowledge and resources necessary to help your newborn animals to thrive.

We’re here to help!

During the next several weeks, we’ll be posting articles that will help you to know what to do and what to expect with your new arrivals. We’ll be speaking with experts and people who have the experience and knowledge to assist you in getting prepared. We’ll also be posting videos and recipes that have proven useful when dealing with young animals.

baby animals puppies milkBecause of the pandemic, many manufacturers have been short-staffed and overseas shipments are not always possible. For these reasons, a large number of products have been difficult to obtain, like milk replacers for puppies and kittens as well as baby chick supplies. We will be posting alternative solutions for these unexpected dilemmas, like a recipe for a puppy milk replacer that you can make at home.

If you have animals that are expectant mothers or plan on acquiring some babies, we encourage you to “tune in” during the next several weeks. If you have any questions or have any suggestions for subjects you would like to see covered, please click on the comment button and we will answer your queries as best we can. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with the information you need.