Great Tips for Feeding Fish

Feeding fish

You may enjoy feeding fish to catch and eat, or simply to observe their movement through the water and bask in the serenity that they can elicit. Either way, we can suggest some food that will help provide the nutrition they need.

If you’re looking for a good standard pond fish food, the Purina Catfish 32 is a great product for feeding fish. Even though catfish is in its name, it can be fed to different types of pond fish and is a floating fish food.

In this video, Kristine is feeding the Catfish 32 to her pond catfish. As you can see, they are really enjoying it!

If you’ve got a pond with a combination of small “fry” mixed with full-grown catfish, bass, or other freshwater fish, the Purina Gamefish Chow works perfectly. It contains smaller pellets for the young fish and larger pellets for the adults.

If you have a Koi Pond, the Mazuri Koi Pond Nuggets have ingredients that support and maintain their beautiful coloration. We have had customers who have fed regular fish food to their Koi only to see them turn white, losing all their vibrant colors. Hopefully you will look into these specially formulated foods.

The Mazuri Koi Platinum Bits are for Koi and Goldfish smaller than six inches. The nuggets and bits are both floating pellets so you can observe your fish while you feed.

If your water is murky or has a lot of algae, check out our post Eliminating Algae from Your Pond for some products that will help get rid of that unwanted growth. The products, when used correctly, are safe for your aquatic life, as well as animals that drink from the water and people who swim in it.

If you’ve never fed fish before, we hope we’ve given you an idea of where to start. If you’ve been feeding fish for years, but haven’t seen the results you want, we hope you’ll consider our suggestions. Please leave us a comment and let us know how the products have worked for you.

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