NEW Series: Caring for Your Pond and Aquatic Life

pond NH8DCSL

Would you like to see your pond and aquatic life go from this…

Dirty Pond


…to this?

Clean Pond


Stay tuned to our blog and we’ll show you how!

Learning Pond & Aquatic Life Management

In the coming weeks, we’ll provide you with tips and products that will help get rid of unwanted growth in and around your pond, lake, lagoon, water tank, pool, etc. If you’re fighting aquatic life from algae to cattails and everything in between, we’ll show you that it’s not a losing battle. You will not only enhance the aesthetics of your water feature, but improve the health of your pond and the aquatic life swimming beneath the surface.

Pond Fish

We’ll also give you suggestions on what to feed those water-dwelling creatures. Whether you like to fish or simply enjoy watching your swimmers–from Koi to Catfish–we’ll show you what they need to grow and thrive.

Ponds and healthy aquatic life bring a natural calming effect, helping us to distress and reconnect. Here is a simple video of the relaxing sounds and sights of pond life. We hope you’re as excited about our new series on Caring for Your Pond and Aquatic Life as we are! Please leave any comments or questions and follow us on Facebook!