Insects and Pest Control

by Pleasant Hill Pets & Livestock

Part of creating a healthy environment for our animals (and us!) to thrive in includes controlling unwanted pests like insects, worms, and parasites. The idea of your beloved pet or livestock being infested with parasites is not just disturbing, it’s also a medical issue that can have serious consequences.

Fleas, Ticks, Worms, Pests, Rodents

There are many options for these common problems, so Pleasant Hill Pet & Livestock has curated some of the best, proven solutions for you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pleasant Hill Pet & Livestock to help you choose a preventive regimen that is ideal for your household or farm.

Fleas, ticks, worms, pests control

Flea Control for Dogs & Cats

Some of the products we offer for flea control include fast-acting ZoGuard Plus which breaks the flea cycle by preventing flea eggs and larvae from maturing. This excellent flea and tick protection is also a better value than their bigger competitor, Frontline. See ZoGuard Plus for dogs, ZoGuard Plus for cats.

It’s also good to have a Safari Flea Comb on hand. They come in several types to best suit your animal’s fur.

Worm control for cats, dogs

Wormers for Dogs & Cats

We have several products for de-worming dogs and cats that include chewable or liquid form. Mostly, you’ll want an effective wormer that your pet will easily ingest. You’ll also want to note whether it’s safe for young puppies or kittens who can be a bit more vulnerable. Search wormer products.

Feel free to stop by with any questions and we’ll help you pick out the best solution for your furry ones.

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